Unmissed Heaven 3: Behind Its Creation And Controversy


Heaven that is Not Missed 3, can be watched at Disney + Hotstar, this film brings a different composition of actors and actresses, but not only different, the appearance of actor Reza Rahadian also brings something different because he doesn’t return to play the same character as Dr. Syarief Kristof is like a Heaven that is Not Missed 2, but appears as a new character with different behavior and behavior and as a character who becomes a “source of trouble” from the beginning of the meeting between the characters Prasetya and Meirose.

The following is a summary of the round table interviews with several media including Cinemags (represented by Nuty Laraswaty) some time ago which was attended by the cast, including Fedi Nuril (As Prasetya), Marsha Timothy (As Meirose), Reza Rahadian (As Ray Sastrowardoyo), Kemal Palevi (As Amran), Hanung Bramantyo (Producer), Pritagita Arianegara (Director), Asma Nadia (Novelis), Bunga Citra Lestari (Singer), Melly Goeslaw & Anto Hoed (Songwriter & Composer), which explains the background of making it.

Hanung Bramantyo himself said that he could not hold back feelings of emotion, because finally this film was finished and could be watched by the audience through Disney + Hotstar media, this was because at the end of the shooting process an event occurred which was able to stop the entire process, namely the discovery of one of them. The film crew was detected positive for COVID 19. Fortunately, after going through some discussion and consideration, finally the filming was completed and was able to air. All these processes made a deep impression on Hanung Bramantyo, and was a very memorable experience for him and of course all the crew involved.

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As for the controversy circulating in various media regarding the nature of Reza Rahadian’s return, along with Marsha Timothy. Hanung Bramantyo conveyed that basically the focus of the storyline in this film is about Arini and Prasetyo. It is not something meaningful if there is a change in the players, as long as Arini’s character is still attached to the figure of Laudya Cynthia Bella, and Prasetya in the figure of Fedi Nuril. While joking, Hanung Bramantyo conveyed that it would be controversial if the figure of Prasetya was played by Reza Rahadian.

Pritagita Arianegara and Asma Nadia jointly conveyed that the storyline in Heaven of Unmoved Tang 3 provides many important moral messages for the audience, especially those who are already married and really hope that the audience can capture the impression and message to be conveyed. Regarding the polyandry issues that were brought, the audience was asked to watch this film beforehand.

Asma Nadia feels happy that the novel, which was released seven years ago, can continue to appear and entertain the audience, at a glance she also hopes that there will be a continuation of The Unmissed Heaven 4. It is further conveyed, that in the storyline this time the character of Ray Sastrowardoyo will reveal more, whether it is true as “the source of the problem” or there is something else behind it all.

Pritagita Arianegara is very happy to be able to participate in this project, with a very supportive team and provides information on the many character changes to the main characters in Heaven Not Missed 3 and also many new actors and actresses who are able to support the changes in the characters of the old characters. Not to forget, he also expressed his praise for their ability to provide the best cooperation to support the course of this film.

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Fedi Nuril did not comment much, only on this occasion he conveyed the challenge he faced this time, as if he felt the emotions experienced by Arini’s character in the previous franchise films. Both Marsha Timothy and Reza Rahadian shared similar comments that the challenge faced is changing the viewer’s point of view, the characters that usually appear on the screen in this film franchise before and will give their best acting.

Kemal Pahlevi himself conveyed that there were no significant obstacles during the filming process due to changes in character and related to this controversy and how much he really admired Marsha Timothy’s acting, so the opportunity to play in a film production was something he had been waiting for.

The reason for choosing the soundtrack singer of Heaven Yang Tak Missed 3 fell on Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL), because Melly Goeslaw felt that only BCL was able to bring the song lyrics as she expected, with her distinctive voice BCL was able to put a certain emphasis on the lyrics in this song and feel this is the right choice. Answering questions, Melly Goeslaw said that she read the script of this film first, before creating song lyrics that hit the hearts of the audience.

That is the summary of the interview with the cast of the film franchise and this film can be watched on Disney + Hotstar

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