The 10 Best Runaway Couples Movies Of All Time (Part III)


Lawless and lovable, the runaway couple has inspired some of the best street films ever made. With regard to being a byword for a film about a couple who runs away from the Netflix release, Ride or Die , here we present you, films of runaway couples that have been recognized by many as the best films of all time.

The Honeymoon Killers (1969)

Filmed in a minimalist manner using a 16mm film, this film by Leonard Kastle tells the true story of the couple Ray (Tony Lo Bianco) and Martha (Shirley Stoler) known as the ‘Lonely Hearts’ killers. A confident cunning man and a romantically drunk nurse, the two begin to associate and go on a journey that in the process takes the lives of many lonely widows. Impressed like a cheap film, almost harsh combined with an uncomfortable intimate gaze into the troubled soul of the lead, who plays siblings to deceive their prey. Away from much of Hollywood’s treatment of the subject – before or after – The Honeymoon Killers is a romantic villain film with all sides removed. Or maybe it was completely shaved off. Tracing the grisly truth of the matter, Kastle’s results are definitely rubbish and unpleasant. But because of the views of those who have never succeeded in alienating the lofty aspirations of medieval America, The Honeymoon Killers is unmatched.


The Doom Generation (1995)

Gregg Araki’s subversive escapist couple’s best film about the road villain features a bisexual love triangle and some industrial methamphetamine. This hardly bodes well for gender relations, offering an ironic and trashy deconstruction of the heterosexual relationship between Rose McGowan and James Duval. The wrench in the process is Xavier, nicknamed X, a mysterious drifter who seems to attract strange violence wherever the three stop. Deeply divisive, The Doom Generation is a postmodern refraction of the ‘desert’ of modern America circa 1995. The mix of potpourri of aloofness and sexual violence makes it a nauseous viewing experience.


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Gun Crazy (1950)

This low-budget noir runaway best couple film is characterized by its eye-catching style, full of pompous close-ups and angles angled enough to snare your neck. Peggy Cummins is Annie Laurie Starr, a circus sniper who gets excited by gunfire and violence. Her doll-like face changed with joy at the sight of the bloodshed. When he gets the chance to rob a bank for kicks, he takes Bart, a gun-obsessed pathologist (John Dall) as his partner in crime. But Bart suffers from guilt, while Laurie cheerfully takes aim at anyone in sight. A certain disturbed phallic impulse is never far from the surface,


True Romance (1993)

Tony Scott’s best runaway couple film boldly isn’t afraid of clichés: weddings, shotguns, briefcases full of cash, drug lord and prostitutes with hearts of gold. The film, whose script was written by Quentin Tarantino, has become a cornerstone of pop culture, featuring the appearance of Brad Pitt as a stoned sofa-dweller and Gary Oldman as a dreadlocked pimp. Alabama from Patricia Arquette, the thrift store beauty queen, deserves extra attention for her unbelievably tough outfit: a turquoise bra and a cow pattern miniskirt is a fashion combination that should go down in film history. Borrowing liberally from the Badlands voiceover chanted on a flat note, True Romance sets itself apart with its bright bursts of candy color, creepy violent relief,

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