SeoBok Review, Cloning And Bromance Issues


This time Seobok’s review discusses the cloning issue contained in this film, along with character development so that bromance is created. Is it in accordance with expectations?

Seobok could be one of the most eagerly awaited films in Indonesia, since its posters have been circulating on social media, and are predicted to be broadcast in December 2021.

Through the captivating trailer, the long wait since the initial reporting period of the broadcast plan (approximately 5 months), it is undeniable that Indonesia seems to have had its own privileges, because it has been able to watch earlier.

April 15, 2021, this is Seobok’s official regular broadcast and here are some notes for Seobok’s review .

1. Since its inception, it has been stated that the theme of this film discusses the issue of cloning . An issue that attracts attention, and brings its own in-depth discussion for those who wish to discuss it in detail.

Based on this assumption, the initial expectation was that the plot of this film would be more towards lecturing or providing “awkward” solutions, so that the audience was led to think too heavily. However, this expectation did not come true, because even though there were moral messages and the flow of opinion of the writer of this film script was visible. Everything is returned to the consideration of the audience. If someone feels that they get this moral message, yes, they will convey it to others, but it will not cause heated or prolonged debate, because of the lightness of the message given.

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Instead, the audience is more likely to be brought to other captivating acts that use special CGI, showcasing Seobok’s strength. A unique strength, not scary but instead seems close to friendly and gives something new.

But it is like a saying, don’t just look at the skin from the outside, it turns out that this seemingly not frightening and friendly power can turn into something different and far different. In one scene, this is well expressed by Gong Yoo, as if it represents the surprise that something that at first seems gentle, can turn violent and also brutal.

These scenes make the storyline suddenly change its rhythm, from soft and somewhat dramatic to a mixture of thriller scenes accompanied by action scenes that make the audience reluctant to move.

2. Bromance , is one of the factors or elements that will be found in this film. As stated in his press conference.

So this time the audience can see how the character development of two people who have absolutely no connection whatsoever and are trapped in a life and death situation, turn to be close and learn to understand each other, in the end they must be in a decision that determines the future of mankind. . The expectations that are expected by the audience as well as the fans of Park Bo Gum and Gong Yoo, are of course very high and in the end it is indeed a choice so that these two actors who play, are not wrong choice.

If in the initial idea, Seobok was planned in the form of a female character, but later in the process of developing the story turned into a male figure. So Park Bo Gum, is able to portray the vulnerability that exists in a woman’s character when facing a life that is far from what she has been experiencing, with a pile of naive, innocent but also gentle questions. Gong Yoo himself is also able to portray the character Ki-hun who then treats Seo Bok’s character, like a male figure treating a gentle figure, after getting to know him further.

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Seobok’s review is seen from the point of view of cloning and Bromance issues, which can be watched today, regularly broadcasting in theaters in Indonesia.

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