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One of the films that are currently being featured at the Oscars 2021 which will be held on April 26, Minari is confirmed to be shown in Indonesian theaters. Towards the release date, we present various things about the Minari film that should be known to the audience who is interested in watching it.

The film Minari tells the story of a South Korean family who moves to Arkansas and begins farming in the 1980s. The focus itself is a Korean American couple named Jacob and Monica Yi who are struggling to pursue what they consider to be their American Dream.

By bringing their two children, Jacob and Monica hope to quickly adjust to the new environment in Arkansas with a better family economic condition. However, of course starting something new presents big challenges of its own. In the midst of this adaptation effort, the problem begins when a stubborn but loving grandmother (Yoon Yeo-jeong) is present in Jacob and Monica Yi’s family. Apart from having to deal with new environments and family conflicts, Jacob and Monica also have to face cultural differences and stereotypes in the surrounding community regarding immigrants.

The source of inspiration for the Minari film

Writer and director Lee Isaac Chung wrote in the Los Angeles Times about how he came to write Minari. Chung revealed that he will start teaching full-time for the sake of his family and thinks he will write one final script in a few months before his work begins. Desperate for inspiration, he closes his eyes at the casual coffee shop and the words “ Willa CatherRinging in his ears. Chung later recalled that the name was a female novelist who wrote about life in the Great Plains entitled My Antonia. And Chung himself fell in love with the novel. He learned that Cather had originally imitated a famous novelist who wrote about city life, thinking that her own rural experience would not be accepted. Disgruntled, Cather went on to write a successful country story that was true to herself. He said, “Life began for me, when I stopped admiring and started remembering.”

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Reflecting on this, Chung said, “I wondered if that voice led me to these words, so that I would start to believe in my own words. As a practice, I spent the afternoon writing down my childhood memories. I remember our family. arrived in a wide one trailer in the Ozark meadow and my mother was shocked to learn that this would be our new home. I remembered the smell of freshly plowed soil and the colors pleasing to my father. I remember the river where I threw stones at the snake while my grandmother planted Korean vegetables that grew effortlessly. With every memory, I look at my life again, as if the clouds have shifted over the plane I see every day. After writing 80 memories, I sketched a narrative on the theme of family, failure and rebirth. That’s how I got the idea to write ‘Minari’; it started for me, when I stopped admiring and started remembering. ”

The inspiration for the title of the Minari film

The title of the film Minari is taken from the name of a vegetable in Korean. Minari is a water parsley that is widely grown in Korea. Minari usually grows in the early spring. Minari has long stems and leaves similar to parsley in America. Minari grows best in the southern part of South Korea. There are lots of fields and wetlands with good sunshine for the oil plants. Minari was cultivated in the area in the late 1980s and early 1990s. At that time, minari was still grown specifically in rice fields and in greenhouses.

Minari movie player

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The main player of this film is Steven Yeun, a Korean-blooded actor who adopted the name as Glenn in the series The Walking Dead. Yeun himself in the last few years his career has been increasing sharply. The voice actor for the main protagonist of the animated series The Invincible , thanks to his appearance in the film Minari, made him the first Asian American actor with East Asian blood to become an Oscar nominee for Best Actor.


Being one of the highlights of the upcoming Oscar, the film Minari has won various prestigious awards at international film festivals, both for the film category, as well as for film people who take part in it, such as Lee Isaac Chung and Steven Yeun. If the Minari film succeeds in becoming the Best Picture at the upcoming Oscars, this film will be the second best Oscar film in Korean, after Parasite at the 2020 Oscars.

The shooting process

The entire shooting process of this film lasted 25 days and was shot in Tulsa. Starting in July, the production process absorbs more than 170 industrial movers in Oklahoma.

The Minari film is scheduled to hit theaters on April 21, 2021

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