5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Korean Drama Law School


From talented players to intriguing mystery stories, Law School is one of the newest Korean dramas not to be missed. This series tells the story of a terrible and shocking incident that took place at a prestigious university. A hard-natured law professor and his students learn a lot about justice and the law as they struggle to find the truth. Here are some reasons why you will fall in love with Law School.

1. The rising stars

Law school is usually full of bright and talented students, as well as the players in the Law School series. You may have seen these talented stars before, including Kim Beom through his impressive role as Lee Rang in Tale of the Nine Tailed and Ryu Hye-young who was much loved through his character in Reply 1988. Not only that, you will also see a different side. from Lee Su-kyoung who previously played a member of the security team in Where Stars Land , and Lee David with a different aura from his role in Itaewon Class . The acting skills of the Sweet Home actress You can also enjoy Go Youn-jung in this series.

2. Famous veteran players

Law School also presents many veteran players with unquestionable acting skills, one of which is Kim Myung-Min, who is known for his quality acting and touching character portrayals. In addition, Lee Jung-eun, who previously played brilliantly in Parasite, will now play a very different character at Law School. Park Hyuk-kwon and An Nae-sang’s acting prowess will also immerse the audience in their characters.

3. A law school background

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Not many Korean dramas focus on law school. Director Kim Sok-yun also commented that despite the similarities with other legal-themed dramas, Law School is trying to dig deeper into the legal aspect. This was also agreed with by actor Kim Myung-min who felt that Law School was a very original story and nothing like it. The drama will provide a glimpse of Korean law schools and provide the perfect setting for young people and professors to unite to face justice, law and crime. In addition, the Law School will also raise various laws that affect everyday life, as well as stories about conflict, friendship and love. “I hope the viewers will have no trouble following this drama just because it is related to the law.

4. Murder mystery

The Law School story gets even more interesting when an unexpected murder takes place at this university, where Professor Seo Byung-ju (An Nae-sang) becomes the victim and everyone becomes the suspect. As the investigation was conducted, the truth slowly began to unfold as the motives were revealed. Law school students also begin to study the case. Will they be able to find out who the killer is? Or is the culprit among them? The audience will be curious about the mysterious figure behind the professor’s death.

5. Hidden agenda

Each character has a hidden side waiting to come out. Yang Jong-hoon had to lose his respectable reputation after becoming the prime suspect. Han Joon-hwi (Kim Beom) enters school with the best grades and looks perfect in every way, but has a hidden agenda. Jeon Ye-seul (Go Youn-jung) looks like she has it all and only enrolls in law school to spend more time with her boyfriend, but things change drastically when only she is successful. There is also Yu Seung-jae (Hyun Woo), an elite doctor who makes the unusual decision to enter law school despite being successful in his profession. With so many characters that spark your curiosity, surely you can’t wait to find out their stories in this series.

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Watch Law School premiere today on Netflix, with new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday at 21.00 WIB!

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